Rail mounted cranes

The soundness of the SOLDAIRUDA technique, performed throughout time in works of great diversity and depth in the rail sector, coupled with our proactive enthusiasm for operative innovations in all kinds of areas, allow us to offer guaranteed logistics solutions in the industrial field.



Activities such as loading and unloading, picking and, above all, moving goods within the warehouse, must rely on a sharply optimized functionality. All means of goods handling and transportation need a sound support structure

SOLDAIRUDA offers the best solutions for installation and maintenance of lane guidance systems and specializes in heavy lifting equipments such as cranes and gantry cranes that may be found in ports, storage warehouses, car factories, marble and granite workshops, and other facilities.

Whether it is DIN, MRS, Vignole, ASCE, JIS or other profile, SOLDAIRUDA offers you the best advice to determine the ideal type of rail section for your needs, regarding features such as length, hardness, and bindings. Our rails and treads for cranes meet the best quality criteria: controlled cooling, head hardened rail, high carbon, DIN 536 and more.


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SOLDAIRUDA is your ideal rail solutions supplier. Our excellent relationship with various lamination plants worldwide, backed by our technical department and the extensive experience that precedes us, make us ideal installers and especially expert advisors from time 0.


  Common machines relying on a rail mounted system:

  • Monorail cranes; for medium-high loads and even low roof facilities.
  • Birail cranes; more robust, for heavy lifting.
  • Suspension cranes work well in facilities with a complicated architectural structure.
  • Console cranes allow simultaneous working spots.
  • In heavy industry, such as shipbuilding, gantry cranes provide solutions for lifting heavy loads.
  • Semi-gantry cranes are a cost-effective alternative wherever the installation of bridge cranes is impractical due to a need for a raised runway structure.

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