Arc welding of rails and crossings

  Arc welding of rails and crossings according to regulations


We recondition the crossing of rail equipments to repair accidental damage or fix the degradation due to use or as an evolution of manufacturing defects. Before any overhaul is done, it is necessary to assess the cost of it, in case a substitution would be preferable.

In SOLDAIRUDA we carry out these tasks on the railroad or in our factory depending on the type of location and other several factors.

Repairs on the railroad: When the situation allows us to safely operate, both regarding people and the outcome of work itself.

  • Crushed or worn out ends due to the use of crossings pieces.
  • Tracks and damages to the crossing tip, skating, accidental marks, arc priming remains in the return current.
  • Tracks and damage to the wing rails.
  • Transverse fissures conveniently located in any of its elements.
  • Worn check rails in the obtuse crossings, eventually.
  • Electric or exothermic weldings with local defaults on the tread surface.
  • Depressed exothermic weldings.
  • Old surfacing repair.

Repair Workshop: When high precision is required through welders gifted with special knowledge and skills, or when it would be necessary to place the damaged items in certain positions.

  • Defaults and cracks in special locations.
  • In every fissure of flanged ends.
  • In fissures in the bottom of the grooves, generally.
  • When absolutely necessary.

Advantages of "arc welding":

Mainly, it avoids replacing the crossings, or some of its damaged or worn out pieces.

  • It may be carried out without disrupting rail traffic.
  • The recharge provides a quick and safe repair.
  • It is much cheaper than replacing the faulty part.

 In SOLDAIRUDA we always think of the best solution for rail reconditioning.

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