Approved railway pilots

Qualified personnel approved by several administrations to carry out Rail Safety Works  


 In SOLDAIRUDA we are very conscious of the dangers of works carried out on the rails or adjacent areas, therefore, we accomplish every safety measure to guarantee:

  • Workers' protection
  • Safety and security of trains

pilotodeviaTherefore, we count on Approved Railway Pilots who carry out the following tasks:

Head of Brigade: For the purposes of circulation, he/she  is the person who is part of a brigade and is responsible for the proper performance of safety standards and all affecting or likely to affect the movement of trains  and personnel safety.

Protective Agents: Under the orders of the "Head of Brigade", this person is entitled to monitor the approach of trains to the work placement, as well as the proper signeage and delineation of it.

In SOLDAIRUDA we take security at work very seriously, thus implementing all the mandatory regulations, voluntarily adopting all the recommendations of the sector and always using common sense in our work.

This is one of our keys to success.


Qualified personnel. Approvals by adif