Work highlights



In SOLDAIRUDA work is represented in a flexible and organic way, as a direct contribution to our environment, we breath along with it; human and environmental protection is a must. We are led by our mutual respect, among the employees, and towards the others, clients, suppliers, and society as a whole. We think long term and act in the short run, from a flexibility that adapts to the ever changing circumstances to provide lasting results. We have followed the path of excellency, we are ahead and want to set the pace. ¿Would you like to join us?


The following list gives a rough idea of some of the most relevant work carried out by SOLDAIRUDA:

  • L.A.V. (Línea de Alta Velocidad/ High Speed Line)
    • Olèrdola - St. Boi (TECSA)
    • Mollet – Girona (COPASA)
    • Mollet- Montornés del Vallés (FERROVIAL)
    • Montornés del Vallés – St. Andreu (FERROVIAL)


    • TERCAT, A-150 railway and MRS-87A (UTE COMSA-FERROVIAL)
    • Access 3rd thread Can Tunis (UTE CAN TUNIS) bypass
    • Access UIC dock of España (RAILWAYS)
    • TCB (COMSA)


  • Railway Restorations and Interventions
    • FGC
    • TMB
    • ADIF