Quality and environmetal policy


SOLDAIRUDA in the activity of:


The quality in the preservation and care of the environment are our tools for continuous improvement and a key factor in the future development of our Company, therefore we make the following statements on the commitments we engage, for our employees, customers and suppliers to know:

  • Quality is meeting our customer needs and expectations and satisfy them so as to increase their trust and loyalty towards us.
  • The Team is the foundation of the company, so their care is a constant vigilance by the latter.
  • To prevent pollution is mandatory. Know and Reduce waste production and emissions, resource consumption (materials, fuels and energy) resulting from our activity, with due respect to laws and in close collaboration with the authorities with environmental responsibilities.
  • Resources Investment provides an improvement in the Company Processes and a better response capacity that benefits our customers increasing their expectations and satisfaction. In turn, we promote the environmental awareness and training among our workers and we communicate our environmental procedures to suppliers.
  • Quality will always be subject to continuous improvement. We take each failure as a chance to learn and improve ourselves, leading every effort to locate its causes for it to never happen again.

Thus, our company focuses on the following goals:

  • Improve our facilities to better serve our customers and manage our environmental impacts.
  • Reduce significant environmental issues that can be controlled.
  • Train the staff and get them more and more involved in the company.


We engage ourselves in the commitment of carrying out all our activities concerning our processes and facilities in ways that positively contribute to the environmental care. We also pay special attention to protect our customers and the general public.

SOLDAIRUDA’s Management Department supports and annually reviews the implementation of the system, enhancing and continuously improving the environmental care and requests the best behavior from its employees in this sense. It also recognizes the ultimate responsibility of attaining the Quality and Environmental Goals aimed by the company itself, therefore it provides all human, material and economic resources to achieve them, strictly complying with all legal requirements and other requirements that the Company subscribes.

Rafael Ruda

September 2011