About Solda i Ruda S.L.


In 2007 our project began, full of excitement and enthusiasm. We had extensive experience in the rail sector, although as entrepreneurs everything remained to be done. In the early beginnings we did nothing but learning and working at the most intense pace and that was how we came to shape our company, with effort and dedication; these are the strong values that keep on leading us today.

In five years, we have performed over 17,000 welds and carried out several projects with the best companies in the field. Our main driver is our staff, people who have been imprinted by Soldairuda’s best know-how, who are loyal to our ideals and our understanding of the business.

Currently, Soldairuda is a respected company due to its seriousness and commitment, worthy of allowing our career to be thought as brilliant.

The personal attention of projects and resource optimization results in fast execution, a concept we call ‘action-reaction’ time.

We act: with the needed resources to implement the project.

We react: with reliability to the unexpected. In the future, we hope to continue to meet our goals and open new horizons.